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Inserting proper symbols/letters for equations

  1. Jan 5, 2012 #1
    sorry for the previous thread' inserting unicode/symbols'
    it is not called unicode at all ..sorry

    i need help with the following....
    is there an easier way to insert letter/symbols then to troll through the insert menue of word ? eg this took me 3min to do!!!


    well at least it looked correct on windows but has reverted to normal text on this thread..
    how do you guys( and gals) write/post your equations? for BOTH WINDOWS and MAC

    thanks again
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    Most of us use LaTeX. Your equation is rather easy to type:
    [tex]v_r = c\frac{(f-f')}{f'}[/tex]
    LaTeX is a markup language that is pretty simple to get the hang of. There are tons of resources online for learning the LaTeX syntax. To add equations to your posts, just enclose the LaTeX code inside "tex" tags. Oh, and LaTeX works on all operating systems.
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