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Is "Dark Matter" Really Matter? What is Matter?

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    Hey, my name is Roy and I'm new to Physics Forums. I'm a retired medical and aerospace test engineer, now currently a freelance artist (kind of opposites right?) and I joined Physics Forums to hone my understanding of physics and ask the right questions in an ever expanding field of inquiry.

    My initial question here pokes into one of the standard be terms we use to describe our world and the universe around us, and I think we make certain assumptions about such terms that may not be uniform across a wide spectrum of persons, especially when our understanding is in process of evolving. Perhaps we can all arrive at an informed consensus.
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    I have no idea what you are planning to ask, but please read and understand our rules before posting, this will make sure that your question is answered.

    Also, please make sure that you ask your question in the correct forum and that you cite the mainstream accepted sources that caused your question.
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