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Is it possible to become ambidextrous?

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    Lets say you want to learn to write with your non-dominant hand. Is it simply a matter of practise?
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    I would say yes. When one of my friends got into a serious accident, he couldnt use his dominant hand at all for a long period of time. As a result of this, he was forced to use his non-dominant hand. He now shows off that he can write with both his left and right hand.
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    What else can he do with his left hand? :uhh:
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    I would say yes too, for those very same reasons. I also know some people who, by one fate or another, were forced to use the non-dominant hand.
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    a similar thing happened to reinhard goebel, the leader of the orchestra musica antiqua koln. he plays the violin & after a motorcycle accident he couldn't play the same way as before but he wanted to continue playing so he switched to playing 'wrong-handed'. he said he had to practice 8hrs a day to get as good as he was before.
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