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Is single particle interference explainable via entanglement?

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    Do you think that:

    Single particle interference is explainable via entanglement?

    For example: in the single particle double slit experiment
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    What does the single particle entangle with?
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    with the detector, during which-way part of the experiment.....
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    If you entangle the particle with the detector in a significant way, you won't see interference. So: No, entanglement with the detector cannot explain interference.
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    does entanglement explain absence of interference?
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    San K, you have by my count posted 149 questions on some aspect of quantum mechanics, many of which are duplicates of each other. I think we can safely conclude that this method of yours is not working.

    I think part of the reason this isn't working is that you are trying to learn quantum mechanics without learning quantum mechanics. That is, you are not taking a course in it, and you're not learning to do calculations. Physics is not about trying to put the words together in the right order.

    At this point, I think you have two options: accept the answers you have been given, or start learning QM formally - take a class and work through a textbook, etc. Asking the same questions over and over and over is not an option anymore: it's clearly not working, and it just makes other people cross.
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