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Is the Universe able to evolve due to fundamental forces?

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    I'm sorry if I posted this is the wrong section, but I was wondering if fundamental forces evolve? In other words, can universes evolve. Since stagnant ones eventually die out. And the successful ones produce black holes; transferring matter into a whole new beginning.
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    Universes do not collapse into or form from blackholes. The 4 forces do not evolve.
    I suggest reading the FAQ sub forum.
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    This is a testable scientific hypothesis which has been written about in the professional research literature starting in 1992.
    It is one of a number of ideas that are on the table, have not been generally accepted but have not been ruled out yet, and deserve serious consideration.
    Some of those who have discussed this idea (called CNS, cosmological natural selection) pro and con are L. Smolin, A. Vilenkin, L. Susskind, J. Silk. The CNS idea is radical and controversial--however it makes testable predictions which have stood up for the past 20 years, which might have been falsified by observation during this time, but were not.

    If you want links in order to find out more about CNS you should indicate whether you want technical-level research papers or whether you want popular writing. Research papers are normally free online, while popularizations may not be.

    A recent popular essay or "conversation" which is free online and discusses cosmological evolution ideas--CNS and other schemes--is one you can get by googling "smolin edge nature".
    http://www.edge.org/conversation/think-about-nature This is titled "Think about nature" and is in the form of a video talk with transcript, so you can either watch or read it. I did both. I thought it was pretty interesting.

    A popular book (not recent, 1997) you can get from library is called "Life of the Cosmos". I don't know how much you know about CNS. Maybe you have already read this. I don't want to repeat stuff. FWIW the Wikipedia article on Lee Smolin has a section on this idea. Googling "Cosmological Natural Selection" would get additional stuff including this:
    http://evodevouniverse.com/wiki/Cosmological_natural_selection_(fecund_universes [Broken])
    I can't recommend it because I haven't checked it out, just toss out the link FWIW.
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