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Is there some particular name for this type of paintings?

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    I have always been fascinated by the kind of pictures linked below. Is there some particular name for this type of pictures? Googling 'christmas' took me to the linked ones.

    [PLAIN]http://www.operationlettertosanta.com/Christmas%20images/Wallpapers/blue_christmas.gif [Broken]

    I think the painter Thomas Kincaid makes these kinds of pictures too. Are these water color paintings? Please let me know.
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    The third looks like it might be a watercolor. I don't think the first is and the second is digital. The only way to tell if something is watercolor that I know of is to observe the brush strokes, which is difficult to do without viewing the painting itself rather than a photograph of it.

    If you just mean generally sentimental paintings of the type Norman Rockwell is known for and Coca Cola likes to use in ad campaigns, there's no name for the genre that I know of.
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    I think Jackson's talking about the lights (guessing from the Kinkade reference).
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    Gokul, what are these 'lights'?
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    Yeah, I have a word for these kind of pictures - twee.
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    I'm not sure what aspect of the picture you are refering to. Are you looking for "Christmas Pictures", or "luminous pictures"?
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