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Is there white hole in the universe?

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    i am just concerning that if there is black holes, is there white holes as well?
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    white holes is only theortical. Black holes are too but we do have eveindence of there exictance.
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    AFAIK the most prominent conception of a white hole is that of the second mouth on an Einstein-Rosen bridge. However such 'tunnels' are unstable, they pinch closed if any matter passes through them, unless they are held stable by some very 'exotic' matter with properties like negative mass, IIRC.
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    I've always been a little confused about the einstein-rosen bridge. how could the "opposite" end of the black hole expel matter? can you really come to the conclusion that, based on current physics, there can be some type of mechanism that allows the mater to be expelled through the other end?

    is that what a white hole is?
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    I thought (white holes) broke the second law of thermo d .
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    What is the einstein-rosen bridge?
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    is it not the link between black and white hole ?
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    http://www.krioma.net/articles/Bridge%20Theory/Einstein%20Rosen%20Bridge.htm [Broken]
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    i think we can observe some strong X - Ray near the white hole if it existed.
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    'white holes' violate some of the most cherished laws of physics [e.g. thermodynamics, energy conservancy]. That might explain why they are not observed.
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    White holes would be very hard to see becuase all their enery-mass give off goes at the speed of light. Like in a black hole the (only way you can get out is the speed of light) the only way you can get in white hole is at the speed of light. They may blink on and off, when different things come from the otherside they go at the speed of light and are hard to observe.

    Summary: WHire Holes expell things too fast.
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