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Just an interested non-Physics person

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    I have found a number of books that I have read on Physics very interesting. I am not a physicist nor a mathematician, but I do find the field extremely interesting and often baffling. I would like to ask a few questions as I have read more of the articles and posts. I apologize if my questions are silly or very uninformed. If they are simply tell me that and if by the way you might direct me to good sources to learn more I would greatly appreciate that as well.

    I have an MBA and learned a little statistics and some linear programming, and other quantitative technologies, but no physics. Ahead of time, I would like to thank anyone that can put up with my simplistic questions and can share a little of their knowledge with an interested bystander. I retired early and am 62 years old and enjoy traveling quite a bit and live in several countries through a typical year, mostly in Brazil and the USA.
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