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News Legalization of Marijuana, Obama's for it!

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    Are you for it or not? I'm not and I think it's going to bring more harm than good to the general population because there are people could get health issues smoking pot. What do you think?

    And apparently, Obama's for it: do you agree with him or not?
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    If a head count is really what you're after, maybe restart the thread with a poll?

    Personally I favor legalization at the state level given my observation of the harm done by the drug war versus the the drug itself, along with a simultaneous strong condemnation of its use by leaders to indicate that which is legal is certainly not necessarily good for the user nor to be condoned. I think condemnation should be *at least* on a level with cigarette smoking, to include, say, high sales taxes, policy of immediate termination of government employees found high on the job. So, nobody goes to jail; they go home with a lighter wallet instead.
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    Welcome to the forum ashera, please read our rules.

    If you wish to post about topics, please post links to the appropriate accepted research that backs your stand.
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