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Linearization of nonlinear non homogenous ODE

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    Hi everybody,
    could anyone help me in the linearization of the following non linear non-homogeneous ODE?


    where A, B and C are constants. y is a function of t. is it possible to reduce this equation to a Riccati equation? do you know any analytical, approximate or not, methods to solve the equation?

    thanks in advance
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    Just to be clear, is this the DE:

    [tex]A \frac{dy}{dt} + By^4 = C[/tex]

    If so, then note that you can easily express it as a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernoulli_differential_equation" [Broken]and solve it directly without having to approximate it.
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    the DE is right...the BERNOULLI equation is homogeneous and I actually can't tarnsform my equation in a Bernoulli one. can you suggest me how to transform it?
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    I just had a second look at the DE and realised that there is no need to solve it as a Bernoulli DE. The original DE is separable, though the resulting integral is a little tough to integrate, but certainly doable.
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    i have found in literature the Chini equation, which is similar to the equation I'm trying to solve. unfortunately i can't found the solution. can everyone help me, please?
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    Defennder has already pointed out that this equation is separable:
    [tex]/frac{Ady}{C- By^4}= dt[/tex]
    Integrate both sides, using "partial fractions" on the left.
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