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Looking for a physics renaissance

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    My name's Mike, I'm 61, and I'm trying to review some physics and then move forward from there.

    I homeschool 6 kids, where the 2 eldest are 17 and 16, and I have to stay ahead of them to teach them, especially the 16-year-old, who got a patent for some software he wrote last year.

    I want to review what I've done before (up to a little quantum) and then continue from there.
    I have some background in:
    (1) Math (I did well on the Putnam and majored in math)
    (2) Violin (I've been playing since I was 7)
    (3) Triathlon (I've done multiple Ironman-distance triathlons.) (I even met my wife at a triathlon.)
    (4) Computational biology (my Ph.D. and my career, but somebody else got credit for most of my work, and the government decided what I worked on is now a "solved problem", so now unemployed.)
    (5) Programming (I have over 900 solutions on UVa Online Judge.)
    (6) Making children (I have 6 of them ;-)

    I have a dream to work through "The Road to Reality", but would like others to discuss it with. (I haven't perused the site enough to know if there is already a group that does that.) Of course, this may be overly ambitious.

    I also have questions that I have asked quite a number of physics people where I haven't gotten an answer I liked. (Example: Why a top stays upright if one uses angular momentum, torque, etc. is relatively easy to understand. But is there an intuitive way to explain it using the forces on the (elements of the) top as the top is spinning?)

    My high point as an undergraduate was the discussions about math and physics that I had with a fellow undergraduate as we walked (frequently all night) around the Charles River. I'm hoping to re-create some of that with this site.
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    Welcome to PF Mike!
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