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Looking for the complete fusion process inside our Sun.

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    Hello. I want to know the full in-detail process which happends inside our Sun's thermo-nuclear core.
    As far as I know the steps in the H - He fusion process are:
    1) H+H -> He2
    2) He2 can rarely decay (Beta plus) into Deterium and a positron
    3) If so Deterium + H -> He3
    4) He3 + He3 -> He4 + 2H.
    Is this the full and detailed fusion map inside a star between 0.5 and 1.4 solar masses?
    Also a paper or article on this would greatly be appreciated.
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    The Wikipedia articles are pretty good. The dominant fusion process in the sun in the Proton-Proton chain, described in Wikipedia at this link. It is somewhat more complicated than you described, since there are multiple possibilities for the D and He3 to fuse. The CNO cycle, described at this link is responsible for a small amount of the fusion energy in the sun, but becomes more important at higher masses. At 1.4 solar masses, for example, the CNO process dominates.
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    You can check out this article:


    and the references included in it.

    The proton-proton chain of reactions is a little more complicated than you describe.
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