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Luminosity-Metallicity Relations in Spiral Galaxies.

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    It's not often I'm shocked in a positive way, but could this be true? I forum where science "discussions" are at least consistantly of higher caliber then "evolution sukz cuz bible says so, lol"?

    I'm sorry if my shock confuses and annoys others on this board but imagine travelling through an endless desert and finding, by pure chance, a fully stocked roadside diner on "everything for a nickel" day.

    I plan on diving right into discussions over the next couple days, but finding something above the normal intellectual flotsom is a bit much to take in.

    Okay, let's test the waters. I'm working on a project involving the merging of simulated spiral galaxies in agreement with a major gasous merger model. The program handles the actual merger good enough but is sadly lacking when it comes to the introductory qualities. I have luminosities for the spirals I want to merge, but I don't have a luminocity-to-average-metallicity-of-the-GC-system-peaks that I actually like. Papers by the Cote lead Dissipationless Heirarchial Clustering Model provide an interesting relationship for elliptical galaxies but spirals is what I'm interested in.

    What do you think? What would make a good relation for luminosity to metalicity of the GC system peaks?
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    I could almost hear the crickets chirping.

    It's okay though, because the program's original writer decided to grace us with the tidbit that what we thought were metallicities were actually colors in the V-I band. Thus rendering this thread moot.
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