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Mars glows, no need for Rudolph's nose

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    Mars will be unusually bright this Christmas Eve and the moon will be shining full — a development that might make Santa Claus rethink his need for Rudolph's red nose.

    That idea, from Miami Space Transit Planetarium director Jack Horkheimer, made us wonder if retooling a certain reindeer song is the best way to explain it to the kids:

    Mars is a red-tinged planet

    With a very shiny glow

    And if you look to see it

    You will find the moon in tow.

    The red planet will shine brighter because it will be directly opposite the sun, reflecting the most light, and fairly close to Earth, only 55.5 million miles away. The full moon will appear nearby, rising about an hour later, said Horkheimer, host of the public television show "Star Gazer."

    All of the other Yuletides

    Santa would have at his side

    The shiny nose of Rudolph

    Acting as his big sleigh's guide

    Mars will outshine the brightest star and won't be as noticeable in the sky for nine more years, Horkheimer said. The Hubble Space Telescope took a picture of Mars, which came closest to Earth on Dec. 18, but it will be brighter on Christmas Eve because of its position opposite the sun.


    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20071220/ap_on_sc/mars_rudolph [Broken]
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    Where will Mars be located in the Northern Hemisphere?
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    http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/planet-Mars/photo//071224/480/f69b15443db74c85bf165e6ef96269d4/;_ylt=Ap5GCTo_AsTH6G5sypqi3vcDW7oF [Broken]
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