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Martial Artist who uses Physics

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    Hi, my name is Sarah, and while I stink at the actual forumlas and what not, I have a knack for understanding how physics and balance works in my body for optimum sparring.

    Well, I've recently got into fencing... and everyone was shocked that after three hours of fencing that my skills were on par with someone who had been there for several months. I have about 15 years of Tae Kwon Do experience, but because by brute force had gotten me through all the belts, I hit a glass ceiling when I had to fight smart in a pinch. In Fencing, you learn how to fight with intellect from the get go. So my goal is to get skilled enough to beat their senior student (who happens to be a 6'4" behemoth who hits like a freight train and whose arm is as long as the blade) because only skill can beat this guy. Once I finally get to that level, I'll return to TKD and keep that mentality in my head when I reach the sparring part.

    The physics... are completely different from my martial arts experience. Not only must I have weight distribution, but I need geometry. I don't know how to translate that into equations, but I'm sure people here can work with me in order to figure out the best performance on this. Pendulum fighting with the entire body doesn't work in this art form, though inertia does matter particularly with thrusts as such.

    I love physics... it got me trophies. Just don't ask me to put it into math because math was the reason I couldn't finish college. :(
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    Hi Sarah, welcome to PF!
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