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Mathematica newbie: why won't this integrate?

  1. Apr 24, 2012 #1
    EDIT: I solved it. Sorry for waste of time! :(

    Here is the function ψ[x]:

    0.0000551056 a0.25 (30240. a0.5 x - 80640. a1.5 x3 +
    48384. a2.5 x5 - 9216. a3.5 x7 + 512. a4.5 x9)(-((a x2)/2))

    I am trying to integrate ψ[x]*ψ[x] over all space (-infinity to +infinity).

    I don't get any error messages... it just says "running" for a good 5 minutes. Then it grinds to a halt and spits out the integral in its unsolved form.

    I have attached the notebook file if anyone is curious. I'm just really stumped on this one.

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    I didn't look at your notebook but sounds like you're trying to find an exact answer which Mathematica cannot find. When it can't integrate it does what you say it does. Surely you're trying to find a numerical result right? Why not use NIntegrate?
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