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MATLAB Filter command for BSFC map

  1. Feb 21, 2014 #1
    Hi all,

    I have made a BSFC plot in MATLAB with engine data tested on an eddie current dyno, The code I used for it is:

    >> NP=40;
    >> [RP TP]=meshgrid(linspace(min(RPM),max(RPM),NP),linspace(min(Torque),max(Torque),NP));
    >> BSFC_IT=griddata(RPM,Torque,BSFC,RP,TP);
    >> NC=12;
    >> Fig1=figure;
    >> [CT HT]=contourf(RP,TP,BSFC_IT,round(logspace(log10(210),log10(400),NC)));
    >> colorbar;
    >> %clabel(CT,HT);
    >> xlabel('Engine Speed (rpm)')
    >> ylabel('Torque (Nm)')
    >> title('Contours of BSFC (g/kWh)')

    With all my data this gave me a contour plot that looks like the image I have attached and this is after fiddling with all of the data to make it look 'pretty'.

    I know you can use the filter function to smooth out plots, so my question is, how can I use the filter function to smooth out the curves with the complex code I have?

    Any help is much appreciated.



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  3. Mar 1, 2015 #2
    Hello, I was working on the same issue. I tried some tools like gridfit and griddata, but the best result was using the curve fitting tool built in Matlab. If you have a modern version it is has a visual interface, you can find it under apps toolstrip. it is so simple you just specify x,y,z data and give good interpolated smooth results, I was able to plot this with only 60 data readings. Hope this helps!
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