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Matlab map representation problems

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    Hi everybody.
    I am currently doing a metheorological study of Angola's climate. I can draw the country's shape without much trouble.
    >> worldmap angola
    >> load coastlines
    >> plotm(coastlat,coastlon)

    But once I have the shape drawn things start to go downhill.

    I have a vector with the meteorological station's latitude and longitude. My goal is to plot them at the same map which I have created earlier. For that, I use geoshow. I.E. geoshow(5, 5) of the location of a token station.
    Matlab does nothing when I introduce these commands.

    So if anybody could tell me how can I plot all the stations on my map which are described as two columns, one with latirude and other with longitude it would be extremely helpful.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Thank you very much. it has been helpfull
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