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MATLAB Plot function of two variables on 2D Grid

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    Hey all - this is my first post on the forum but I've browsed for help for a really long time on other topics. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    So I have a function, called stability.m that takes in two independent variables, say x and y, as input and outputs either a 1 or a 0 for each pairing of x and y. I would like to set up a plot as x versus y that plots each pairing as a colored dot (simply all 1's = black and all 0's = red, for instance). I would more or less rather like a grid/matrix so I can easily see what each possible pairing would represent for broad ranges of x and y (IE, x and y = 1x100 vectors).

    I was wondering if this is even possible. I have read through tons of tutorials regarding mesh plots, scatter plots, etc and have found most to say that functions of two variables can only be plotted on a 3d graph. Is this true?

    Thanks for the help
    - etothex
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    Okay got a little further with the image function. however, with scatter, the constraint that C needs to be of same length as X, Y won't be good here because if X and Y are length 4, then there will be 16 points that need to be plotted on the graph. (X=1, Y=1:4 then X=2, Y=1:4 and so on). Is there a way around this?
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    The length of X and the length of Y and the length of C should all be equal to the number of points (since you want a different color for each point). By X, Y, and C, I mean the parameters to the scatter function.

    So, using the example you gave, one might think of the probem as, given the two length 4 vectors, how does one use MATLAB to generate the two 16 length vectors. Here is one way to do it:

    Code (Text):

    x = 1:4;
    y = 1:4;

    X = kron(x,ones(size(y))); %repeats each element (a bit like interpolation)
    Y = repmat(y, size(x)); %repeats the whole vector


    C = (0:(length(X) - 1))/length(X);
    scatter(X, Y, 4, C, 'filled');
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