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Matlab- Second moment of Area(I) Script Help!

  1. May 5, 2009 #1

    I am in Mechanics of materials class, and I am attempting to design a cantilever beam that meets certain specifications for atomic Force microscopy. (details aren't relevant for programming steps).

    I have been tasked with writing a script in matlab that:

    A.) Calculates the coordinates of the centroid of any Cross section.
    B.) Calculates the second moment of area (I) about the centroidal Z-axis (assume this axis is horizontal)
    C.) Calculates the Q that is needed to compute the maximum shear stress.

    For the above tasks, assume the resolution of the image is 1 nm/pixel.

    I have already created the m-file for 1 of the images that I will be using . (it is a ring cross-section). It is attached.

    I have also finished Part (A), and I think it works.

    The centroid is basically the center of mass of a 2-d object.

    Part B is really giving me trouble, I can't seem to make any headway towards getting the correct solution.

    The equation for calculating the second moment of Area is: I=Integral(Y^2*dA) (A=area).

    If someone with more programming knowledge/experience than me can help, that would be lifesaving!

    The attached m files that I have finished are attached.

    View attachment centroid2.m

    View attachment ring.m
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    This should probably be in the Math and Scientific Software section of the CS forum. This really isn't a programming question.
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    Try showing us some psuedocode for what you're trying to do - I think writing this code will be easier than you think. You need to assume that each pixel has area dA. Here is a start:

    Code (Text):

    for every pixel
        if (is part of the object)
            get distance from centroid in y-direction (you already know where "0" is...)
        else -> do nothing
    next pixel

    Hope this helps,

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