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Mayan pyramid demolished for road fill

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    Sad sad sad

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    The company that did this should be shut down and the owners thrown in jail, along with a fine so hefty that no one else will feel tempted to do such a thing again.
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    Shocking! To destroy this temple was a crime. Too bad any punishment would not bring it back!
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    Probably was abandoned and with no upkeep it would have eroded and fallen down on its own anyways in another 2500 years.
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    Flaying is too good for them. :devil:
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    I couldn't believe it when I saw this. This is an important part of human history...and now it's going to be used as filler in road construction. Apparently this has happened several times in Belize, despite these ruins being protected by the government. I guess Noh Mul was the largest one that has been destroyed yet though.

    If there's a silver lining to it though, it has allowed archaeologists a glimpse into the construction of the pyramid. Hardly compensation, but it's an opportunity to examine the construction methods more closely, if nothing else.

    Pretty sad though.
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