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A Micrometeorites and Karman effect

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    Micro meteorites

    I am collecting micrometeorites (MM).

    An observation is that glassy MM show tails.
    I think this is because they are moving fast, and are heated, and the top layer silicon melts and lag behind.

    A second observation is that smaller globules have twisted tails.
    I think that it is caused by Karman vortex when these particles are moving very fast.

    My question is, can anybody give me the way to calculate the velocity of the globules when instability occurs.
    As an indication; globules with no tail have a average diameter of 0.1 mm.
    The globules with twisted tails have a oval form and have a diameter of about 0.05mm.
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    What do you mean by "collecting"? Are you collecting pictures, or somehow collecting the MMs themselves?

    Also, can you link to some pictures of what you are describing, and maybe link to some web pages with more information about the behavior of MMs?
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