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More Pre-Clovis evidence in America

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    For some reason, incomprehensable to me, archeologists and antropologists have fought flaming wars about the peopling of America. Maybe that has to do with my new signature.

    Anyway, the clovis first protagonists may have some work to do after this:

    I wish to know if that date 13.8 Ky is 14C years or calendar years. But I guess I'll find out soon.

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    Update, yes, After getting the article, the date is based on an average of 4 carbon dates of 11,960 +/- 17 years 14C B.P. which is converted to 13,860 - 13,763 calendar yr B.P.
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    here is a "biased" subjective coverage of the article.

    How about this conclusion and my new signature:

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