Moving from one state to another without packing up

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    North and South Carolina are re-surveying their boundary line for the first time in 200 years. As a result, some people near Charlotte are going to have to "move" from one state to another. A convenience store which is now in SC will have to charge $0.30 more per gallon for gasoline in NC, won't be able to sell fireworks any more, and will have to deal with a completely different set of state regulatory agencies.

    I wonder if South of the Border will end up north of the border? :eek:

    Hopefully this won't come to blows like the ones between Ohio and Michigan in 1835: :smile:
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    Oh, good! Pedro is safe. :smile:

    Useless trivia note: Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke worked during the summer at South of the Border while he was growing up in nearby Dillon, SC.
  4. What happens if you pick up a book from the US shelf that is banned in Canada and walk across the room? Are you then subject to arrest?

    For example "The Naked and the Dead" or "Droll Stories".
  5. For sure I imagine it could get complicated real quick in certain situations.
  6. Each time you moved from the higher to the lower state, you'd have to remember to emit a photon.
  7. That is just plain hilariious. five star ***** rating.
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    So that's why I always feel a little bit depleted after I cross the border into NC. :tongue:
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