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My favorite thing about public toilets

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    ...is that when they overflow, you can just run away, and it's someone else's problem.
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    Gah! :yuck: Yuch! :cry: So you're the son of a b***h.

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    how they have 3/4 inch gaps between the door and the frame so you can peer into the people doing a number 2 and say, I caught you! Then you wait outside the bathroom so that when he walks out you can say, "see thats the guy I was telling you about!" while pointing at him.
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    A little bit of peanut butter can be so much fun.

    Smear a little on some toilet paper, say "Oops" and drop it on the floor where it can be seen from the next stall. "Oops" again and drop it just barely into the next stall, apologize and retrieve it. "Oops" again and a little further into the next stall and ask him to kick it back to your side. "Oops" again and over the top of the divider between stalls - by that time the next stall should empty pretty quickly. :rofl:
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    I think that women have a similar attitude about public toilets. In their own home they want their bathroom to be clean and tiddy. In public they seem to think it's ok to just trash the place.
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    Chocolate spread works better. :tongue2:
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    I don't think so. Those of us who are particular about the bathroom at home being clean and tidy really would like the public toilets to be that clean as well. There are plenty of women who are slobs too though, and in the public toilets, we all have to suffer because of them.
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    My favorite thing about public toilets is being able to use them after they have just been cleaned, nobody elses germs then!
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    Favourite thing about public toilets?

    Since I never go there unless the urge is very great, the release felt afterwards is great as well.
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    Then your favourite thing about public toilets is the fact that it is there for urgent needs!

    Don't take that for granted!
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    I'm a fan of the graffiti. Mostly it's purile rubbish, but you get some insightful gems of wisdom and pretty good creativity on those walls.
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    Or another one:
    :rofl :rofl:
    Get some lemonade, and a funnel and rubber hose, and spill it in a place where it is visible to the next stall. Say "Ooops." Do it again. Add a bit of yellow food coloring to a two-liter bottle of fizzy lemonade, shake up up a lot. Say "Ohh my god!" And spray it around erratically, make sure you get their legs good. :rofl:
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