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My First Post & A Question On Quantum Mechanics

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    Hello everyone,

    please forgive my lack of knowledge when posing this question. In fact, I know so little about Quantum Mechanics I am not even sure I a framing the question right and so it may take some feedback to get to what it is I am actually trying to grasp! In fact it is probably best I ask a number of questions and hopefully someone can eliminate erronious statements and fill in the blanks.


    1. Are Quantum Mechanics & String Theory the same thing?
    2. Are Quantum bits made of the same 'stuff'?
    3. What speed do Quantum particles move at and how is it measured?
    4. How fast do Strings vibrate and how is it measured?
    5. How do strings/quantum particles act around the event horizon of a black hole?

    I am going to have more questions, so any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    edit: so off to a great start by posting in the wrong thread? can an admin move this post or do I start again in the HW thread?
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    Thanks, I will have another read through those.
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    Also you should consider QM as more of a framework upon which String theory is dependent.

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