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My introduction

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    Hello, I have encountered this site numerous times during my google searches. I was not a member, but I was a guest lurking in several threads here that have information relevant to what I was searching for. Today, I finally decided that it was time I made an account here, either to ask questions when needed, or to share my knowledge to those here that are seeking answers as well.

    Not much to tell about me other than the fact I am a student interested in majoring in computer engineering. Pretty good at math, but I never taken a lot of science classes. I am interested in taking physics, however. Also plan on taking chemistry next semester.

    Anyways, thanks for having me be apart of the community.
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    Welcome to PF Joey!
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    Hello JoeyCentral.

    Physics Forum rules require that all content be in English. I have edited your thread title to bring it into conformity with Forum rules.

    These requirements are in place out of consideration for all members.

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