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News Nature Magazine assesses candidates on science

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    D H

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    The Presidential candidates have largely ignored science and technology so far. Nonetheless, Nature magazine took itself to task to compare and contrast the various candidates stands on three science and technology issues: climate, stem cell research, and space. Their assessment is http://www.nature.com/news/2008/080102/images/451004a-i1.0_large.jpg".
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    In the notable quotes, unfortunate placement of Biden's quote immediately after Richardson. It sounded as if Richardson was confirming he was full of compressed air by emitting some of it while standing next to Biden.

    I don't any of the candidates have much of a scientific background. Except for climate, energy, and stem cell research, most try to fall back on humorous comments (Huckabee's comments on sending Hillary to Mars, for example).
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    Thanks for this link. I tried to find a couple of candidates views on science recently with little success.
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