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Need help in MatLab, I haven't used this program in a while

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    Need help in MatLab, I haven't used this program in a while....

    1. 7u+3v+2w-x+7y-2z=1

    Solve for u,c,w,x,y,z using MatLab

    I know it is solving linear equations using matrices but how can I do this in MatLab language?
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    When using matlab, define matrices as follows:

    G = [ Row1_Element1, Row1_element2, Row1_Element 3; Row2_Element1, Row2_Element2, Row2_Element3] etc....

    Then define another matrix to hold your values to the right of the = sign.
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    http://clipper.lehigh.edu/engr1/notes/MATLABsystemsSolution.htm" [Broken]
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