Nevada couple blame Internet for neglect

  1. Evo

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    They're blaming the internet, not their own idiocy and lack of self control.
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  3. duh.. how can people be so dumb
  4. Math Is Hard

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    Beyond bizarre!
  5. geeeez.. didnt read it the first time.. its really dumb.. hard to believe actually. how come one neglect so small babies??
  6. That is so sick! I doubt if the gamers even got up for toilet breaks. :grumpy:
  7. radou

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    As mentioned before, absolutely nothing to do with internet or games or whatever, it's "just" a serious mental disease.
  8. G01

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    I definitely agree. The problem here is a lack of self control and sense of responsibility. The problem isn't the internet or the games, it's the people.
  9. "obsessed with the Internet and video games"
    Sadly I do know of people who have lost jobs and families because of this. I believe this is the first time I've heard of neglected children, to this extent, due to on line gameing obsession. I have heard of gambleing parents who have left children, days on end to gamble.
    How very sad.
  10. ShawnD

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    Reminds me of those people who died while playing World of Warcraft.

    This is just my opinion, but wouldn't the game be somewhat inconsequential in this whole mess? I personally play WoW, and it's really not that great unless your goal is to kill some free time. Someone would need to have a horrible life before WoW would take priority. In that case, their life was crap before the internet and games.

    If it wasn't the internet, it would have been something else.
  11. Moonbear

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    Both of you are basically making the same point, with which I fully agree. Obviously, the problem is their overall lack of responsibility and self-accountability. It doesn't surprise me that someone who would neglect two children would try to blame everyone but themselves, because if they had even a shred of responsibility or self-accountability, they wouldn't have neglected the children in the first place.

    From this line, it's pretty obvious they were just idiots who were just focused on instant gratification.
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  13. FredGarvin

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    That story made me sick when I heard it. It's stories like this that help to spread violence in our country because I really want to kick both of their "you-know-whats." GARGH! I want to strangle someone.

    The thing that REALLY po's me is that they are going to pull some mental deficiency defense.
  14. radou

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    I fear it's something far more serious than just lack of self control.

    This reminded me of a recent situation when I called my friend and he said his girlfriend was over at his place and he was playing WOW.
  15. I have to wonder that if they didn't have time to take care of these children, where did they find the time to eat, take restroom breaks, or even have the kids in the first place?
  16. mgb_phys

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    Presumably the connection was down! If they had switched to NTL the connection would have been down regulalrly enough that the kids would have been OK.

    Actually that could be their new ad campaign.
    "Worried that you kids are spending 24x7 on the net - switch to NTL and we that wont happen"
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  17. ShawnD

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    From what I gather, they had sex in the Deeprun Tram :wink:
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