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New kook looking for a place to post a question

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    Good evening,

    I'm almost certain this is cringeworthy, but I'm a musician who has a lot of time on his hands. I'm lucky enough to write and perform music and that requires touring. Touring by its nature leaves me with a lot of free time on planes, buses and in vans, so I have plenty of abstract ideas that pop into my head.

    Is there somewhere on this forum where you can post theories, suspicions, or have a general chat about certain ideas? I've been specifically thinking about relativity a lot. I don't know the language of mathematics, so it all gets a bit wiggy when I try to develop a thought.

    If there is anyone out there who is passionate about theoretical physics, I'd love to chat.

    Sorry if I'm hassling the wrong crowd, and have a lovely day.
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    Hi, welcome to Physics Forums!

    We don't discuss personal theories or speculations here, but you're welcome to ask questions to clarify your understanding of generally accepted theories, or of things that scientists are actually studying / speculating about (and have published about, in research journals). See our Terms & Rules (a.k.a Global Guidelines):


    in particular the sections Non-mainstream Theories, Acceptable Sources and Speculative or Personal Theories, near the beginning.
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