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New theories of professor Valitov after Einstein

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    Here I'd like to present theories of professor of physico-chemistry, Ph.D. Najip
    Valitov from Russia, who discovered new theories after Einstein. Part of his discoveries are described in his web-page:
    In 1972 professor Valitov, who lived in the former USSR, received the message from Harward University, which asked him to send his scientific articles. He couldn't have any contacts with Harward those time, because he lived in the closed country.
    Professor Valitov wants to contact scientific publishers, who could help to translate his three monographs, 180 scientific articles from Russian to English and to publish them in any place.
    Professor has 150 mathematical equations of his own, proving his theories.
    In these particular SIX of his own original equations professor Valitov finished the famous unified field theory, which Einstein couldn't finish during his lifetime.
    The are many discoveries, described in his monographs and the articles, such as:
    1.The discovery of the REVERSE TIME and TIME ZERO, which co-exist together with the ordinary, direct time.
    2.His own theory of the elctricity, completely new, after Faradey.
    3.His own theory of the ENDLESS OR INSTANTANEOUS SPEED, that exists in nature, and is the next level of the scinece after Einstein, who claimed, that the last possible fastest speed is the speed of the light.
    4.The special theory about MOVING FORWARD particles /elementary,atoms, molecules/, that create TORNADOES, TSUNAMI, STORMS AND EARTHQUAKES. The applications of this law of professor Valitov will allow to stop all these natural disasters. The other particles, that were discovered by Valitov, - VIBRATING, ROTATING, - can be used in the industry of the building of stable materials and means of transport, in pharmacy.

    In Russia his theories were successfully applied into chemical industry and others.
    Professor VALITOV made up to 10.000 experiments with the industrial catalysis. His discovereis were applied in the Institute of the Oil/petroleum/ in Paris around 1985. In Russia professor successfully applied into petroleum industry about 18 catalytical processes.
    His works can be applied into NASA, CERN, any industry and medicine, science.
    Professor Valitov is interested to find the scientific foundation or charitable trust, who'll help him to translate his works from Russian to English and to publish them, to make them accessible to the majority of the scientific society in the world. He is also is interested to apply his works into industry, medicine, science.
    If you have your ideas, please, send me e-mail on this web-site.
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    Can you point me in the way of some of this Valitov's work. Possible where i can get further information on his theories

    The link does not work....
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    The scientific publications of professor Valitov

    As I already mentioned, professor Valitov has about 180 scientific articles published in defferent scientific magazines. He also has three monographs.
    I'll give the names of two of them:
    1.Vacuum Vibrations at Chemical Excitation of Atoms, Molecules and Chaoticity of the Power Lines of Electromagnetic and Gravitational Field.- Published in Ufa city, Russia, GILEM publishing house.- 100 pages, schemes, equations.
    2.Electromagnetic and Gravitational Interactions of Virtual Dipoles, T-Invariance, Instantaneousness and Periodicity of the Equilibrium Processes, the Universal Character of the Isothermically and Thermally Desorbed Particles.
    - Self-published in Ufa city, Russia. - 304 pages, schemes, equations.

    The names of some articles:
    1.The Decisive Role of Thermodesorbed and Isothermally Desorbed Particle State for Thermodynamic Parameters, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Corrosion, Chemical Friction, Lubrication and Chemical Technology. - Higher Institutions News. Chemistry and chemical technology. - 2000.-Vol.43, Issue No.6.- Pp.124-129.
    2.Researching in the Field of Reagents Sorption and Studying of the Role of Catalysts for Hydration and Oxidation. - Synopsis of a Thesis by Doctor of Chemistry. - Moscow:MINHiGP, 1978.-p.46.
    3.N.K.Valitov, F.K.Ibragimov,V.M.Lysikov. Chromatography Research of the Interaction of the Oxygen with Silver Catalyst. - Journal of Physical Chemistry. - 1976.- Volume 50, Issue 5. - PP.1236-1239.
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    Where can you find the works of Valitov

    I present interests of professor Valitov in U.S. and I can post here as much information as possible, if the administrator of forum will not object.
    By the way, I have three of his monographs in Russian with the Preface and content, translated into English, couple of his articles, translated into English
    and the description of his works in English with the equations and schemes in 35 pages with schemes.
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