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Notation on energy level for atoms

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    Hi there,
    I am reading an introduction for atomic physics. In one section, it introduces the energy levels for Rubidium and there are some labels like F=1, F=2 etc. shown next to the fine structure of a level . Also refer to http://www.sacher-laser.com/applications/overview/absorption_spectroscopy/rubidium_d2.html, I saw the same symbols. So what is that F=1, F=2 really means? It seems that so many books using the same letter 'F', is that any significance for that? Also, as shown in the reference, for different states ##5S_{1/2}## and ##5P_{3/2}##, there will be F=1 and F=2 for each of them, is that any relation between F=1 for ##5S_{1/2}## and F=1 for ##5P_{3/2}##?
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