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People vote based on who looks competent

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    How long before politicians figure out a way to exploit this?
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    If they haven't, then it's because some things are hard to fake. The phenomenon itself has been studied for a while: http://www.apa.org/monitor/mar05/slices.html [Broken]

    In just the first few seconds of a class, the class as a whole can judge the effectiveness of a teacher and predict how effectively they'll learn the subject. I'm not sure the principle would be nearly as effective when judging Presidential candidates since most voters have no experience in diplomatic negotiations, cabinet meetings, and so on. That doesn't mean they don't apply it. Kennedy capitalized on it. Reagan capitalized on it. Clinton capitalized on it. Bush capitalized on it. Carter even capitalized on it - at least during his first campaign. Obviously, the results of picking a President that way have varied.

    A campaign of Romney's hair vs Edward's hair perhaps? Maybe not that superficial, but reasons for voting for a candidate aren't particularly deep.
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    Looks count more than anything else, however it still takes more than "just" looks.

    Small study using a narrow age group, but I bet if the scope of a similar study were expanded to include more the results would be the same.
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