Physicists Discover Neutrinos Just Little Italian Neutrons

In summary, this article is about physicists in Italy finding out that neutrinos are just little Italian neutrons.
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"Confirming the search for the mysterious Godfather particle was finally over, physicists at the University of Chicago hailed what they call a major breakthrough Monday after discovering neutrinos are just little Italian neutrons. “We’ve long believed neutrinos were created by nuclear reactions inside stars, but the truth is they’re just neutrons that originated in Tuscany, Piedmont, Sicily, and other regions of the Italic Peninsula,” said astrophysicist Dr. John Marder, whose experiments that involved shooting beams of neutrinos from a particle accelerator allowed scientists to observe that the Italian neutrons left behind nearly imperceptible trails of marinara sauce. "

No offense intended for my Italian friends. I'm American, so it should be easy to get me back. :smile:
(And please note the source as being a satirical site. This is literally fake news.)
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DrChinese said:
I'm American, so it should be easy to get me back
Too easy these days. There is no challenge in stating the obvious.

They could have at least combined the story with Gran Sasso instead of Sicily.
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DrChinese said:
physicists at the University of Chicago hailed what they call a major breakthrough Monday after discovering neutrinos are just little Italian neutrons.
I bet one of those physicists was Enrico Fermi's grandson. :wink:
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I knew that I smelt onions. My South Asian wife often fries onions, which produces a strong odour. Since she is not in the house right now, this left the most likely possibility as ... The Onion!
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DrChinese said:
discovering neutrinos are just little Italian neutrons
Little baby neutrons, that grow up to be big adult neutrons.
Stop. Physics is over and take a vacation.
That completely explains the whole big bang thing.
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But in fact the term 'neutrino' did come from a bit of obscure Italian wordplay, one of those (IMO rather tiresome) scientific 'in' jokes.
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What are neutrinos?

Neutrinos are subatomic particles that have a very small mass and no electric charge. They are one of the fundamental particles that make up the universe and are found throughout the universe, including in our own sun.

How were neutrinos discovered?

Neutrinos were first hypothesized by physicist Wolfgang Pauli in 1930 and were later confirmed by experiments in the 1950s. They were first detected in 1956 by scientists Clyde Cowan and Frederick Reines using a nuclear reactor as a source of neutrinos.

What makes the discovery of Italian neutrons significant?

The discovery of Italian neutrons, or the specific type of neutrinos found in Italy, is significant because it adds to our understanding of the properties and behavior of neutrinos. This discovery may also have implications for other areas of physics such as particle physics and cosmology.

How do neutrinos interact with matter?

Neutrinos interact with matter very weakly, making them difficult to detect. They can pass through most matter without being affected, which is why they are often referred to as "ghost particles." However, they can occasionally interact with particles in matter, such as atomic nuclei, leaving behind a trace that can be detected by sophisticated instruments.

What practical applications do neutrinos have?

Neutrinos have several important practical applications, including their use in nuclear reactors for studying nuclear reactions and their potential as a source of clean energy. They are also used in medical imaging, such as in PET scans, and in studying the inner workings of stars and supernovas.

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