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Physics in University question

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    Hey I'm new to this and I'm just wondering about physics in university. I know this has been asked a lot so I apologize to anyone who's thinking not this again. I'm 17 and in a couple of months I'll be applying to different colleges and I'm just wondering how hard a physics course actually is. I'm not by any means a genius but I do fine in physics and maths at the moment. Normally A's but I do have to study hard to do well. I definitely wouldn't be one of the smartest in my classes but I still get high grades. Anyway my question is how hard is it to do well in a college physics course. The course I want to do is theoretical physics and from talking to a student who's in his third year he said he almost got a brain aneurysm in first year. I don't want to just barely pass if you know what I mean and the guy I was talking to is literally a genius.
    Sorry this is long, thanks in advance to anyone who took the time out to answer.
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    This New Member Introductions forum is just for saying Hi, but not for asking specific questions. You will get helpful responses if you post your question to the Academic Guidance forum, you'll find it listed on our home page.

    Good luck with your studies.
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