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Please Help me

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    gooooood evening..

    i have presentation about the effect of vibration on human and i did not find what i want and i did not understant the topices when i searched from google .. so I will be grateful if anyone could help me..
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    Vibrations on human beings? Isn't that more physiology and biology than physics? Anyways listing the topics you didn't understand would be start. .because we may not understand them either!
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    i do not think that this topic related to biology because our this presentation physics lad class..
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    Ok fine so, what topics do you have difficulty with? Hey we must know, because otherwise it may not be possilbe to actually help you, who knows?
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    A number of bodily systems respond to vibrations in the <20 Hz range, producing effects such as nausea, urination, sexual arousal, etc. Is this what you're looking at?
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    In the ear's cochlea, there are tens of thousand of hairs which vibrate at different frequencies in the range of 20 - 20000Hz. When we hear a sound, in fact the sound is a combination of many frequencies (Fourier series) and the hairs vibrate resonantly according to the sound and finally the brain 'know' the signal.
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