Plumbing Infrastructure Resources and Codes

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Hi guys,
I'm a mechanical engineer working in a design firm in the construction industry.We have recently been tasked with the design of the Plumbing Infrastructure(Drainage, Water supply, and Firefighting) for a large district. We haven't undertaken this kind of work before since we usually do the MEP work(Water supply, Drainage, HVAC, and Firefighting) inside buildings. We have learned Bentley softwares for infrawork and have a general idea about where to start but we have no way of confirming the things we are learning. I was wondering what would be the best resources (Handbooks,codes, etc.) to start with.
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Since you are in Lebanon, you need to consult your local authorities to find this out. Start with your government code enforcement folks -- they should be able to help you find the applicable construction codes and points of inspection. Thread is closed.

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