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Politics and science , world history ,clearing stereotypes

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    Recently I had a thread in PF and also participate in another one and somehow time after time the discussion touches on a few important points that deal with both history, politics and also alot of stereotypical thinking about the world both how it's now and the way it was in history.
    We live in a very "small" and global world today and with the advancement of science and technology and the ever increasing number of people on the planet this world is only getting smaller by the day.

    Boundaries we were used to and could safely "hide" behind both physically and emotionally are gone now.
    I thought that in a world like this it can only benefit a person to know much more about it and understand and maybe clear some misconceptions and stereotypes as there are an awful lot of them.
    Simply feel free to put one you have heard or think yourself up and then we all could just do our best to either affirm one or correct or maybe even debunk one.Or simply have a nice chat about the way things are or used to be or will be for that matter.

    P.S. In case no one will decide to start with one I will have to make one myself.
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    I used to think this but, frankly, I grew up. We often like to see the internet as a liberating, borderless entity that brings people together in solidarity and understanding. I'm not saying it can't do that, or doesn't in some respect, but more realistically/pessimistically the internet allows us to throw up borders and segregate communities in a way that wasn't possible before.

    No matter what you are: scientist, creationist, racist, brony, capitalist, socialist, artist, pedophile you can find a community online that shares your values. That's a double edged sword that allows people to live inside echo chambers that would never have been possible in the pre-internet world.
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    We no longer discuss politics in general discussion.
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