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News Porsche - not just clever engineers

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    The company that made money selling the same sports car for 40years (a car built from VW minibus parts whose main feature was that every time you tried to go around a corner it crashed and killed you)
    Then built an SUV so ugly it made Cadilac ashamed.

    Managed to outwit the financial market to the tune of $60Bn

    I think this might be one CEO who deserved his $100M bonus!
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    lol. Agreed.
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    the slam at porsche cars is wrong
    the VW bus began production in 1950
    while the porsche 356 began production in 1948
    so how can ''car built from VW minibus parts'' before the bus exists ?????
    fact is the 356 was based on the vw sedan
    AND A VW BUS has a very hard time going fast enuff to kill anything
    or are you so very very wrong to claim that a porsche would
    ''every time you tried to go around a corner it crashed and killed you''
    wonder how porsche won so many road races then
    ;like all of the majors more then once too
    next the 356 was built from 1948 to 1965
    the 911 was built from 1965 to date BUT USES NO VW PARTS BEETLE or BUS

    yes porsche put one over on the markets
    but 60 billion is a paper number
    real world you link claims 7 billion
    still not a bad return
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    It's called irony - it may be available for import section of your supermarket?

    The porsche 924/944 (the cheap one) used the VW minibus engine didn't it?

    I was surprised that the 911 didn't use any VW parts, I always thought that was one of their clever engineering principles - don't waste time designing your own non-essential parts like switches or turn signal lights when you can use perfectly good ones out of the parts bin. TVR (small British sportscar maker) does the same thing with Ford parts.

    They didn't have typical porsche drivers driving them?
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    NO the 924 used an audi 2L 4 cyl motor not used in a VW bus
    later versions of the vw bus did use an audi 5 cyl in the FWD buses
    the 944 use a pure porsche motor based on 1/2 the 928's V8

    the 1970 914/4 was the true vw/porsche [euro models were so badged]
    and did use the IV type VW motor
    but being mid-engined and one of the best handling cars ever built
    the 914 can and does still win at autoX today not bad for a allmost 40 year old car

    while some small bits like switches may be from a common source
    that hardly causes the cars to ''every time you tried to go around a corner it crashed and killed you''
    what does that is having no idea how to drive a rear engined car
    example the funny fool Clarkson in your link
    who has no clue how to drive a rear engine car
    thats why they use the ''STIG'' to drive the timed track
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    as far as I know, Ferd P designed the VW as well as the car with his name on it, so really the "VW parts" were really porsche parts all along. so what?
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