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Pretty sure physics is some kind of witchcraft.

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm an amateur and mostly unpublished writer with exactly 0 science background. As a life choice being completely ignorant of all but the most basic math has worked great for me so far. I regret nothing!

    Except that now I'm trying my hand at science fiction for the first time, and trying to teach myself basic physics from the internet. I've always more or less thought that it's fine I don't know how anything works because a bunch of scientists out there are probably all over it. But when I turned my mind to it, I got as far into the theory of general relativity as time and space being related before I'm like

    ...This is clearly witchcraft. Clocks do not go slower if they're travelling faster. Things don't contract lengthwise just because they're moving. Time doesn't 'dilate'. Light is not magnetic or electrical. I've never got a static shock from a sunbeam! I can't move it with a magnet! I thought the creationists at my high school were making it up as they went along but this crap is crazy. Anyone who says they understand this is clearly lying.

    So, yeah. You walk around all day thinking you have an open mind, but when you actually try to put something new in it, it becomes apparent pretty quickly what your limitations are.

    I've joined these forums in that in the hope that when I hit a wall, being able the specific questions that are confusing me will help my understanding, so I'm not just staring blankly at drawing of a gravity well, going 'But how?'

    See you on the forums!
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    welcome to PF
    and a Happy New year :)

    well hopefully your stay here and reading responses to similar questions will dispel your "witchcraft" thoughts ;)
    take things slowly, one bite at a time and you will be sure to have fun learning some new concepts :)

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