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Priceless: Pat Buchanan owns himself at English Only 'Conferenece'

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    Hilarious self-ownage
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    Too funny.

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    i dont' see anthyningn wrogn
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    There is an extra e towards the end in conference.
  6. Jun 27, 2009 #5
    Conference is spelled "conference", not "conferenece".

    EDIT: I just realized you were making a joke. :biggrin:
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    What a D-bag. That's great.
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    Yo dudes I was kidding with the typos. Thanks for not laughing though :)
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    Hmm, the even worse ownage seems to be the picture of him with the white nationalist guy. Much of his base, while into political conservativism and other nutty stuff, doesn't support white supremacy. This could cost him.
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    Look at the banner. It is the correct size and has the spacing to include the extra letter.:rofl:
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    By the 21st century, most cloth banners and T-shirts were designed using one of several available software programs. Almost all of these automatically center your text (if desired) or, alternatively, left justify, tab, etc - generally, all of the functions normally available in power point.

    Some of these programs also come complete with spellcheck software, but using it can be quite difficult - requiring the user to click on an icon in order for the spelling to be checked, for example.
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    I think Peter Brimelow would call you a racist for calling him a white supremacist. He would probably try to argue white nationalist=something like a Black Panther.
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    Probably manufactured by non-English speaking workers in an offshore sweat shop.

    These are the same people that hate NAFTA no doubt.
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    This is small potatos (potatoes?) Buchanan wrote a book in which he argued that the US should not have declared war on Germany. He apparently was unaware that it was Germany that declared war on the US.
  15. Jun 28, 2009 #14
    And who said that black panthers aren't racists?

    I think I see what you're saying. In the twenty-first century, even racism has been sexed up and politically corrected. As David Duke says, "we're not so much anti-black as we are pro-white." As bad as these guys are, they do (if inadvertently) correctly point out that all forms of excessive racial pride can turn into racism. A black nationalist isn't any better than the white supremacist.
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