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Prince Rupert's Drop filmed at 130,000 fps

  1. Mar 25, 2013 #1
    I found this clip pretty educational and interesting. It shows the structural failure of a so-called Prince Rupert's Drop filmed at 130 000 fps (I had not heard about that concept before). Seeing the structure break down from the tail to the head at high speed is pretty amazing, I think :smile:.

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    Excellent high-speed video images! It was not until 1994 that scientists at Cambridge University and Purdue University in Indiana solved the puzzle of Prince Rupert’s drops. See this Wikipedia page, along with References, Further reading, and External links for more technical information and explanation of their behavior:

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    Nice video, thanks! The high speed capture of the shattering is amazing.
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    You're welcome :smile:. More fps for the people!
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    They calculate a propagation speed of 1658m/s which is fast, but way below the speed of sound in glass (3962m/s) or tempered glass (5640m/s). Is the speed of sound the limit for all mechanical propagation in a material?
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