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Program to create trees(binary)

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    Hi all,
    Im doing my final year project on black derman and toy model and for those who know about it, its a binary model.

    Ive tried to use visio but it was a failure since i had to create eqns using microsoft eqn editor then place it on the visio tree

    My problem here is to create nice binary trees and then place then in a word document. Anyone has an idea on how to do it?

    I wasnt sure if it was the correct section to post this thread. its not really a homework question, rather its a way to find how they do in books to create the trees
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    hmmm... if you hadn't specified using a Word document I was going to suggest LaTeX. There is a graphics package for LaTeX, PGF, that includes a module for drawing trees, and if I were writing a book or something, that's what I'd use. Although that might be more of a learning curve than you have time for, if this project is due any time soon.

    Maybe a Google search for "binary tree drawing"? I'm sure there must be some options out there. You could also consider using a vector image editor, like Inkscape to draw the trees, and you can import the equations as images, however you choose to create them.
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    Thx for replying :)

    I have already started writing on word and i dont know anything about LaTeX :S I'll try looking for other programs that can be used either as add-on to word or which i can copy paste the tree in word. If i dont find any by the end of the week then maybe im gonna start learning LaTeX

    I've also tried googling but I ended up mostly with c/c++/c#/java codes on how to create a binary tree =_=' maybe my google keywords are wrong...i dunno

    So does anyone know any "simple" program to draw trees? (ive checked out linkscape and it sounds a bit...complicated :S)
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