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In summary, a psychonaut is an individual who explores altered states of consciousness through various methods, such as meditation, psychedelics, and lucid dreaming. They seek to expand their understanding of the mind and the universe through these experiences. On the other hand, a sci-fi-writer-wannabe is someone who aspires to become a science fiction writer, creating imaginative and futuristic stories that explore the possibilities of technology and the human condition. Both psychonauts and sci-fi-writer-wannabes share a fascination with the unknown and a desire to push the boundaries of human perception and imagination.
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Epsilon Eridani
How did you find PF?
Google with keywords "astrophysics astronomy cosmology forums"

You can call me Thor (ancient obsession with thunder and Nordic mythology). I'm 26 and in the past 2 years, I've read a ton of sci-fi. Most notably I read Alastair Reynolds' "Revelation Space" saga, which is IMO the most ingenious and fantastic creation in all of sci-fi's history. I've always been interested in the cosmos, but it wasn't until my journey with psychedelics began that I truly found a passion in all things Universe. Ever since I've dug deeper and deeper into the mysteries of the cosmos, and it's only a natural progression for me to come to a place like this.

I intend on writing sci-fi in the near future. I figured it wouldn't hurt to have a place to go and read up some interesting science to back up my work. Behind every good sci-fi book goes a ton of actual research. Alastair himself was an astronomer and astrophysics PhD before he embarked on this journey, so I observe and learn from the best.

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