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Quantum physics vs. quantum mechanics

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    I've been thinking about the difference between quantum physics and quantum mechanics. What are the difference?

    Is quantum physics just a subfield name, and within that there are quantum mechanics and quantum field theory etc. or are all of these three independent subfields of physics?
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    Is there a reason why you put THIS much effort into what goes in a "name" such as this?

    For me, this type of categorization has no significance and is quite interchangable. It is when a name effects the workings of physics and how it is practiced, then it matters (example: a "fermion" is not interchangable with a "boson" where the characteristics matters).

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    I apologize for the inconvenience.
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    in the common sense, if one's book use quantum physics
    this book is written for beginners.
    while quantum mechanics "terminology" is written for graduate oriented students and researchers.
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