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Questions about the multiverse theory

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    Hi, I'm interested in pre Big Bang theories at the moment and I have been reading about the multiverse theory. My question is, is the multiverse thought to have a beginning? It seems if it didn't it would end the first cause debate. Although, I stumbled across a video of William Lane Craig arguing that even the multiverse must have a beginning - but not being a physicist and a Christian one might have to take what he has to say on that with a pinch of salt.

    Please excuse my lack of knowledge on physics!

    Many thanks
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    depends on the multi-verse theory your studying. For example you could be studying an eternally cyclic multi-verse theory. Or you could be studying one that had a first universe that propagated other universes.. The number of different multi-verse theories is immense. However we have no observational evidence of any of them. Most are merely mathematical extensions of the physics we study in this universe. Others are extensions of interpretations in quantum processes. Such as many worlds interpretation.
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    I see, interesting. Thanks
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    Yeah, I wouldn't listen to anything Craig says on cosmology. He is a religious apologist hunting for ways to prove that the universe is of finite age.
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    We do not know if the universe is finite in space or time. The observable universe is clearly bounded in both respects, but, those boundaries are merely a consequence of our incomplete knowledge.
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