Reproducing Boag and Wilson's ionisation curve

  1. Hi, i'm trying to plot the the ionisation curve of an ionisation chamber against the theoretical curve outlined by Boag and Wilson in their paper -

    I can't follow their derivation for the equation all the way (I know I should, but i don't have much time) but I have tried to reproduce their theoretical curve from the parametric equation for f and xi. I create f and xi from omega, then plot f against xi.

    The shape of the curve looks pretty good, but it seems to be in a different place on the x axis - in the paper the mid point is somewhere around 0.1, on my graph the mid point is somewhere around 3. i can't see a reason for the difference (am i missing something? is it obvious?) attached picture is of of the curve i plotted

    help much appreciated

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  3. false alarm. stupid mistake
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