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Restaurant revamp - Boring flop

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    Bobby Flay has a new show on the Food Network called Restaurant Revamp, a horribly failed attempt at a Gordon Ramsay type restaurant makeover.

    The show was boring, boring, and then more boring.

    This little pizza place with only one tiny pizza oven and Flay tells them to cook fish in the pizza oven. The chef tells Flay "if I cook fish in the pizza oven, everything is going to smell like fish". Gee, ya think? I know when I order pizza I want it to smell like day old mackeral.

    Ramsay has a flair for this kind of thing, Bobby Flay does not and it was painful to watch.

    Oh dear, now he's having the restaurant staff do a wine tasting to learn about wine and these people are actually swallowing the wine. You can actually see their noses turning red.
    People, you're not supposed to actually swallow the wine when you're doing a real wine tasting! Swallowing is for parties where it's just for fun and getting drunk. Professionals spit the wine out. :rolleyes: Does Flay not even know this?

    Anyone else see this disaster?

    If you haven't, don't bother. You'll thank me for an hour saved.

    Evo - PF food tv critic.
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    I'm thanking you already. Bobby Flay is no Gordon Ramsay. He should stick to Kitchen Stadium - which I don't watch either.
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    :rofl: That sounds like the time my brother-in-law made the mistake of inviting my sister and her friend along with him to a wine tasting event for restauranteurs. As much as I think he's a hack, he at least knows how to do a wine tasting properly. My sister and her friend don't. They were happily drinking all the wines offered. :rofl: My poor brother-in-law was SO embarrassed by them and then had to drive two very drunk women home. My sister and her friend are trouble when they are sober; I cannot imagine the headache they gave him when drunk!
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    Flay? More like Fi-llette amirite? Eh eh???
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