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Rithmomachy game

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    I have made a rithmomachy board, also known as the philosophers game. The game can be described as "chess combined with number theory": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rithmomachy

    Unfortunately, all people that actually know how to play this game have died more than 400 years ago. ... or have they? Is there somebody with a rithmomachy board who is interested in playing a long-distance game? We could post the moves as pictures here so others can comment on our... creativity.
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    Looks interesting, I couldn't find any tournaments for the game only the wikipedia article. It would be great if someone implemented the game on a tablet or website for multi-player gaming.

    Processing IDE comes to mind as a means of developing a GUI for it and then adding code to allow for human vs computer play although like chess that would be a big endeavor.
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